The Hispanic Digital Consumer

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The Hispanic Digital Consumer

Hispanics continue to demonstrate themselves as leaders in the digital marketplace.  Prepared by Terra and comScore and based on a survey sample of Hispanics and non-Hispanics, a new study reports trends of Hispanic digital consumers.  The findings reveal some important marketing strategies for this unique population segment.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of Hispanics use their smart phones and mobile devices to access the Internet, compared to just 38% by their non-Hispanic counterparts.  Outside of home, work, and school, this trend continues – 55% of Hispanics access the Internet on the go versus 46% of non-Hispanics.

Hispanics enjoy a very social shopping experience – facilitated in large part by mobile technology.   Forty percent (40%) of Hispanics feel they are trendsetters; 25% contact friends or family via text or phone to ask for opinions regarding a product; and 23% take pictures of products and share them with friends or family while shopping in a retail store.

Compared to 35% from the Terra 2010 Ad Value Study by comScore, 42% of Hispanics now indicate that they agree with the following statement: “The online ads that are most likely to get my attention are ones that are more sophisticated in their implementation of newly available technology and are creatively sharp.”

Hispanics are more inclined than the general population to purchase products and services from their mobile devices.  For example, among the Hispanics surveyed, 24% of their telecommunications purchases were made from mobile devices compared to 10% for the non-Hispanic.  For financial services, 18% of Hispanics purchased these via their mobile devices compared to just 7% of non-Hispanics.

Hispanics are now spending 8.7 hours each week online, compared to 8.3 hours watching TV.   The survey results, confirmed by other sources as well, indicate that Hispanics are more receptive to digital advertising than non-Hispanics.  Forty-one percent (41%) of Hispanics agreed that “Online video ads are more interactive, meaning that more information is easily obtained by scrolling over, clicking through, or simply viewing than traditional television ads.”  This figure also represents an increase over that of the 2010 study.

The results of the survey collectively indicate that Hispanics are more and more mobile!   Any strategy to harness the potential of this burgeoning population should have a strong mobile component.   Contact Global Village today to update your digital marketing plan.


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