Hispanics and Social Media

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Hispanics and Social Media

Much research indicates that the notion that Hispanics are less digitally savvy than their non-Hispanic counterparts is actually a misconception.

A recent uSamp survey of 650 adult Hispanics revealed that the Latino market is outscoring the general population in terms of its use of Facebook, YouTube, and Google+.

Of the survey group, 90% of Hispanics use Facebook compared to 81% of the overall market.  This trend continued at 56% vs. 46% for YouTube and a resounding 47% vs. 18% for Google+.

The study also revealed that while Hispanics are more actively involved in social media, they are less likely to share personal information via these social platforms.

Source uSamp.

Today’s marketers have considered many theories as to why Hispanics have taken so strongly to social media.   Perhaps the most common is that Latinos are drawn to family and community and their online behavior seems to reflect this tendency.

Many mainstream marketers are turning to a bilingual approach to their social media strategy, not just separate pages for Spanish versus English, but rather a joint and relevant platform open to Hispanics and non-Hispanics.  Verizon social media sites, for examples, post in both English and Spanish.

These studies, and many others, confirm what we have known for years:  The Latino market is a powerful force.  Their numbers continue to impress.  Any relevant marketing strategy will seek to capture this vital share of the market.  Are your strategies in need of an update?   Let Global Village help you navigate the social media waters in Spanish and English! 

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